Cloudbusting: Google’s Sustainability Initiatives

I've had some fun times over the years with Cloudreach. I first met the folks at Cloudreach in 2018, when they were a Blackstone portfolio company and I was in the technology team at Blackstone. As believers in cloud transformation, we got along great! After joining Google in 2019, for one reason or another, I … Continue reading Cloudbusting: Google’s Sustainability Initiatives

Accelerating Sustainable Finance With Technology

Bird's Eye View Of New York City During Dawn

As global leaders gather this week at COP26 in Glasgow, one of their top goals is to mobilize finance to secure net zero emissions and keep 1.5 degrees warming within reach. To do this, COP26 leaders are challenging all financial stakeholders to take climate into account in every financial decision.  Technology is playing a vital role in this effort. I have … Continue reading Accelerating Sustainable Finance With Technology