My Path to AI

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Everyone takes a different path to Artificial Intelligence. Sure, there are some common approaches from academia, research, engineering, and the like. But AI is a weird field that has had massive transformations in its history, and I don't think I'm too unusual in that I've only started to really "do AI" professionally in the last … Continue reading My Path to AI

Talking to People Virtually About Notebooks

Last week, I spoke at the first virtual NYC Data Council Meetup about my favorite topic, Beyond Spreadsheets. It was fun! I summarized the gist of my talking points in this thread: I co-presented with Tim Paine from J.P. Morgan. Tim and I met a few months ago and were slated to present … Continue reading Talking to People Virtually About Notebooks

Beyond Spreadsheets

It’s common in tech spheres to separate coders from business people. Coders are the software developers who create solutions using computer programming code. Business people then use these solutions to create and operate business processes. But this distinction is blurrier than you might think—and only growing less clear as more jobs require data-driven decision-making. Millions … Continue reading Beyond Spreadsheets