Talking to People Virtually About Going Beyond Spreadsheets

Last month, I participated in a panel discussion at The Crux Summit: Fall 2020. It was a fun conversation, and the replay is available here if you provide your contact info. Don’t worry, the folks at Crux are nice people and they won’t abuse it.

Here’s the session info:

Beyond Spreadsheets: The Evolution of Data Science Tools
For many years, spreadsheets have been core to data analytics and business operations, but they have their limits and challenges. Join us for a fireside chat conversation between Jeff Sternberg, Mark Ainsworth and Philip Brittan as they discuss the evolution and benefits of data science tools to enhance data analytics for financial data consumers.


Discussion topics included:

  1. Spreadsheets: why do we love them? Why do we hate them?
  2. The scalability limits of spreadsheets: what happens when your data is too big for a spreadsheet?
  3. Governance issues with spreadsheets, including calculation errors and data quality control
  4. Adding Jupyter notebooks to enable good software engineering practices like version control
  5. Excel as a “shadow IT problem”
  6. Learning to code — introductory Python training for new analysts
  7. Code-first vs no-code
  8. Notebooks vs dashboards
  9. What does the road ahead look like? What should data scientists be thinking about for the future?

Check it out!

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